Who Are “The Saints?”

The Roman Catholic church teaches that a saint is one who has been “cannonized” by a Pope. There is absolutely no Scriptural basis for this in the Scriptures. 

What the Scriptures say about saints:

 They are on earth, not in heaven:

“As for the saints WHO ARE ON THE EARTH,
they are the excellent ones, in whom is all my delight.”
Psalm 16:3

God has provided pastors and teachers to minister to them on the earth, not in heaven:

“…some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the EQUIPPING OF THE SAINTS for the work of ministry…
Ephesians 4:11-12

Paul wrote his letter to the saints, the believers who were in Rome when he wrote it:

“…To all that be in Rome, beloved of God, called saints, grace to you and peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ.”
Romans 1:7

Saints will be found on earth, in the churches:

“For God is not the author of confusion, but of peace, as in all CHURCHES OF THE SAINTS.” 1 Corinthians 14:33

“Then Ananias answered, ‘Lord, I have heard from many about this man, how much harm he has done to your saints in Jerusalem…'”
Acts 9:13

“This I also did in Jerusalem, and many of the saints I shut up in prison…”
Acts 26:10

“Greet one another with a holy kiss. All the saints greet you.”
2 Corianthians 13:12-13

“To all who are in Rome, beloved of God, called to be saints…”
Romans 1:7

“Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, to the saints who are in Ephesus…”
Ephesians 1:1

“To the church of God which is at Corinth, with all the saints who are in all Achaia…”
2 Cor 1:1

“To the saints and faithful brethren in Christ who are in Colosse…”
Collosians 1:2

“To all the saints in Christ Jesus who are in Philippi, with the bishops and deacons…”
Philippians 1:1

Omnipresence: present everywhere

Why are we not to pray to “saints”? Because no one is omnipresent but God himself. Omnipresence means being everywhere, and only God is everywhere. Those in heaven are NOT omnipresent. Therefore those in heaven cannot hear you.

Necromancy: Praying to the dead

Prayers to “saints” thought to be in heaven are actually prayers of “necromancy.” Necromancy is praying to the dead and is forbidden. King Saul who visited a medium asking her to bring up the prophet Samuel received judgment on that forbidden deed. He lost …his life. 1 Chronicles 10:13

Necromancy is forbidden by the Scriptures. Deuteronomy 18:11-12

6 thoughts on “Who Are “The Saints?”

  1. You are wrong. The Catholic Church does teach that all baptized Catholics are saints. Below is the official statement from the Catechism of the Catholic Church:
    This is because Christ, the Son of God, who with the Father and the Spirit is hailed as ‘alone holy,’ loved the Church as his Bride, giving himself up for her so as to sanctify her; he joined her to himself as his body and endowed her with the gift of the Holy Spirit for the glory of God.” The Church, then, is “the holy People of God,” and her members are called “saints.”
    Catechism of the Catholic Church # 823.


  2. While that may be the statement of the church in the catechism to cover itself, that is not what Catholics are taught in the schools and churches. Catholics are told to pray to “the saints in heaven.” I was ordered (yes ordered) in Catholic school to state who my patron saint was, and to pray always to that saint. Ask any Catholic who the saints are, and they are not going to tell you they are the saved on earth. They will tell you they are the holy people the popes have “canonized” as saints, to whom we are to pray. They are to pray to saint Anthony for lost objects, to saint Christopher for safety while traveling, saint Jude for impossible cases, one’s patron saint for help throughout life, and of course the list goes on and on, all in violation of the Scriptures:

    Praying to the dead is the sin of necromancy.
    Prayers to “saints” thought to be in heaven are prayers of “necromancy.”
    Necromancy, praying to the dead, is forbidden.

    King Saul who visited a medium asking her to bring up the prophet Samuel received judgment on that forbidden deed. He lost …his life.
    1 Chronicles 10:13

    Necromancy is forbidden by the Scriptures. See: Deuteronomy 18:11-12

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  3. The fact that your Catholic school did not teach you does not mean the Catholic Church does not teach that all believers are saints. Most Catholics do not know their faith – don’t be surprised if they give you wrong or no answers. In the Apostolic Creed one of the sentence is “I believe in the communion of saints” – those are the saints on earth, in heaven and in purgatory. Saints in heaven are not dead persons as you claim. Christ said whoever believe in Him will never die (John 11:25-26). He Himself conversed with Moses and Elijah (Matthew 17:3), who already physically died long before He came to earth. John who wrote Revelation was also able to communicate at least with one the elders who are in heaven (Revelation 5:5; 7:13-14). Contrary to what you believe now, saints in heaven are alive. If you can ask saints on earth to pray for you, then for sure we can ask saints in heaven who are alive to pray for us. It is God who answers their prayer, not the saints, be they on earth or in heaven.


  4. Obviously we have no common ground. One of the greatest things God has done for me in all of my life was to bring me out of Catholicism. I was a Catholic of Catholics and after 12 years of Catholic education I thought perhaps I knew as much as about Catholicism as the pope did, after having Catholic instruction every single day all those years. I wore the three scapulars, the miraculous medal with the saint Christopher medal on the other side. I knelt daily before the statues in my bedroom. I gained a plenary indulgence as well as several other indulgences after carefully following the directions so to be sure I did it all correctly. In short, I followed every teaching of Catholicism to the letter. Until …the Lord himself led me out.

    There is no way we can dialog because we are both convinced of our doctrine and neither is going to budge. So I politely end this conversation and wish you well.


  5. I was intrigued, dear brother in Christ, pmaillet, and also vivator. God in the blessed Trinity show us always the love and truth of His Son. Pmaillet, by the way you’ve replied, you seem to have compassion and no real hostility( proof is when you wished you’re neighbor peace and well.) thank you, humbly in Jesus for such kindness. When you replied to his questions and responses, you mentioned ‘the Lord Himself led you out’ could you clarify this. Did he physically appear and tell you? If I could mention, unfortunately many Catholics (including me have to a certain point-questions, why this or that, and to protect Jesus’ Glory(and questions that I heard, on first glance seemed really believable), don’t know the faith( in one way there is so much treasure it’s vast, but many leave because, unless you seek to get closer to The Lord(the truth in other words), and allow Him to sustain your faith( the bedrock being the Eucharist-this is it, the #1 reason I always stayed,must stay- for this( John 6 ‘eat My Flesh and drink My blood you have no life in you”. The reactions it caused and His reinforcement of the teaching-and getting to know how the Old is revealed in the New, and New is concealed in the Old) maybe former or current catholics also have never been treated with kindness- usually it’s more logic without emphasis on Love- what is the truth presented to you in kindness( and humility instilled only by the Love of Jesus- and the avenues to Him( -I confess, the Virgin Mary (among others( pope infallibility etc.) was one I didn’t appreciate- not thinking It was to the glory of God of her role( behold the handmaid-slave girl- of the Lord) and the humbling it would cause to the evil one to loose to a woman in the hands of the Almighty), but her perceived competing with Jesus, which confused me.
    If I may humbly advise, Let the will of the Blessed Trinity guide us beloved brother or sister look at Fr. mike Schmidt’s seek conference for an answer to the Eucharist and the reactions it caused. They were offended but, Jesus said blessed is he who is not offended of Me. Steve Ray is convert who, trying to disprove catholicism ended up converting( now he teaches to cradle catholic- who may never search or is taught this.- will you folllow truth no matter what it is, is stamped on your opening webpage- let it be on all of us.
    Glory, no matter your response, to the Beloved Father and Jesus and the Holy Spirit.


  6. Hello and thank you for your response. I had 13 years of Catholic education in Catholic schools and was as convinced of Catholicism perhaps more than anyone. Many years later I had an encounter with the Lord. No I did not see him physically, but that encounter changed my life forever. The man and woman who brought me to the Lord advised me to read the Bible daily, something we were advised AGAINST in Catholic school – and for good reason – when I did read it I was appalled at the contradictions between what I had been taught all my life versus what the Scriptures say. Eventually I saw so much error in Catholicism that I had to leave. That was many years ago and I”ll forever, ever, forever thank the Lord for opening my eyes and bringing me out of deception into the truth of his Word.


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